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Mano Šansonetė The Young Wild 2020 Spring

Įrašas paskelbtas 2021/07/27

On April 15, 2020, Mano Šansonetė The Young Wild gave birth to 4 puppies (2+2). To the delight of us all: Smiltys Dantas, Smiltys Douglas, Smiltys Doroty ir Smiltys Dalila.

All puppies grow fast and are healthy. The first months pass unnoticed.


Our Zyla is graceful and fragile, extremely curious, have been called a “lizard” by the co-workers. Feels free as wind in the fields: if you can’t raise a horse, you can raise a vhippetlaughing


Smiltys Dantas “Dantė”

Smiltys Douglas „Toris“

Smiltys Doroty „Dorotytė“

Smiltys Dalila „Zyla“