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Mano Šansonetė Orange Lily 2019 winter

Įrašas paskelbtas 2021/07/26

On January 29th, 2020, Mano Šansonetė Orange Lily gave birth to 5 puppies (4+1). To the delight of us all: Mano Šansonetė Zetta Candy, Mano Šansonetė Zoya Caramel, Mano Šansonetė Zyhlia Vanilla, Mano Šansonetė Zytha Sweet ir Mano Šansonetė Zeus Honey.

All puppies grow fast and are healthy. The first months pass unnoticed.

The great friend and companion, the best thing that has happened to our family!


In the documents of origin she is Zoya, but we call her Zuja (from the word “zuiti” – to run). Like many whippets, Zuja doesn’t want to break up with her family for even a short time and willingly agrees to travel everywhere together just to be around. Zuja is the good spirit of our family, a fairy of tenderness and love.